Success Story #1

Meet Gina, mother of two girls diagnosed with Down syndrome and autism.

“I met Amy Hull Arbetter, a practitioner who helps children with autism, at a Gluten Free Expo. We immediately hit it off and she is doing great things helping my kids’ progress. She’s got firsthand experience: her sons were diagnosed with ADHD and Autism in 2007, eating the standard American diet. She wondered, like me, if changing things could improve things – and, like me, was happy to find that diet DOES make a difference. We have been working with Amy healing our children for about a year. (My kids are sensitive, so it’s important that we go slow!) We have seen great results, noticeably improvement in behaviors and gut issues.

As for me, I am thrilled with the progress my kids have made as we’ve embarked on this journey with Amy. We are doing a slow, long process to detox. First, we’ve laid the foundation. The first result was that Z. stopped her lifelong issue of loose stools – a big deal! But since we’ve worked with Amy, we’ve seen progress for both kids that’s included toilet training for one, emotional maturity for the other, conversation and social skills improvement, the advent of self-control, a reduction in sensory problems, and so much more. Everything Amy tests them for is right ON TRACK with the behaviors I’m seeing – and vice versa, so I trust her.

She is a busy lady because she spends a LOT of her time engaging in training and cutting edge education about treating negative behaviors and limitations that are a result of autism, sensory issues, Down syndrome, ADHD, and more. She shares what she’s learned – and that, too, reflects what I’VE learned or heard about (though not nearly in as much depth). I believe there are no accidents and that our paths have crossed for a reason. If you have a child with a disability that is causing that child behavioral, learning and social challenges, I urge you to check out her site to see if she can help you.”